What We Do?

ZeroSpace Advies:

  • (re)forms, (re)designs and implements a purpose-driven (global) organization. It’s all about spatial organizational design fulfilling the promise of specific elements of self -organization
  • gains and improves personal and organizational productivity
  • turns knowledge into value
  • creates (innovative) work spaces that make an organization the best-version-of-itself (serving employees, customers and other relevant stakeholders)
  • prevents organizations to suffer from a bad case of sharobesitas (being overwhelmed by working in multifaceted jobs within a bunch of different teams/communities in a permanent state of semi-distraction)


Furthermore we develop, support, execute and evaluate training & development sessions, seminars, workshops, webinars, virtual classroom sessions and knowledge cafe’s around key issues within organization and management (i.e. how to create a productive knowledge sharing company; How to develop and sustain a professional sense of belonging; how to transform healthcare organizations adapt to elements of self-organization; how the new ‘normal’ way of working becomes good practice in organizations)

We are an international partnership organization that shares presentations on disruption (“if you don’t know how to disrupt your organization, somebody else will”) new way of working, knowledge management , knowledge value, human resources management, organizational culture, purpose driven organizations, spatial organizations and the knowledge economy. These presentations have been performed in the Netherlands, England, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, United States of America, Egypt, Kenya, Ecuador, Bolivia and Zambia.