Frank Lekanne Deprez ( Founder & Owner)

Frank Lekanne Deprez is Founder & Owner of ZeroSpace Advies in Amstelveen, the Netherlands and he is assistant professor at Nyenrode Business University, the Netherlands. Frank is associate partner at Globally Cool (Creating Solutions for Sustainable Development) in Zeist, The Netherlands and Catalyse (Healthcare) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Frank Lekanne Deprez advises national and international organizations and institutions on organizing knowledge, next organization design, (strategic) human resources management, new (or simple ‘better’) way of working knowledge valuation and the knowledge economy. His passion is supporting organizations to organize, target and apply knowledge when and where it is really needed.

Frank is a great moderator and is an energetic and engaging chairman of forums, seminars and conferences worldwide.

Before starting his own company in 2003, Frank Lekanne Deprez was a research associate at University of Tilburg, The Netherlands and held management and functional positions at KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines KLM). From 1995 to 1997 he was manager market and product development at Galileo Nederland, Ltd. During the period 1997 - 2003 he was a manager at KPMG Knowledge Advisory Services, where he was a consultant and also provided executive training and education for a number of international organizations. From 2002 - 2010 Frank was part-time professor of Knowledge Organizations and Knowledge Management at the University of Applied Sciences Zuyd, Heerlen, The Netherlands. As a volunteer, Frank is chairman of General Practitioner Center Amstelland in Amstelveen, Netherlands.

His current business and research interests include (strategic) human resources management, organizing knowledge, knowledge governance, spatial organization design, knowledge value and knowledge economy. Frank Lekanne Deprez is co-author of Value-Based Knowledge Management (1998) and The Knowledge Dividend (2000), Zero Space. Moving Beyond Organizational Limits (2002) and The Future of Management. On the Value of Managers in Modern Organizations (2006, In Dutch) Managing People at SME’s (2008), Developing Spatial Organizations (2011) and Towards a Spatial Theory of Organizations: Principles and Practices of Modern Organizational Design (2016). His publications have been translated into German, Spanish, Korean, Serbian, Japanese, Chinese (complex and simplified).

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